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One Platform for the Entire Hydrogen Economy
The All in One Platform
One Platform for the Entire Hydrogen Economy

HydroLink offers the world’s first blockchain-secured green hydrogen certification, real-time logistics management, as well as a carbon credit marketplace.

Our data is collected from production, logistics, and energy users. Smart contracts autonomously categorise end-product hydrogen under the globally recognised hydrogen standard (IPHE). The system creates a ‘Hydrogen Certificate’ showing the summary information and giving a final emission classification.

For the first time, consumers can now definitively prove and access other consumer’s claims of green hydrogen usage. With HydroLink, governments can reward environmentally conscious practices, and consumers can use certificates to gain carbon offsets and trade them in our carbon marketplace.

Hydrogen Certification Protocol
The World Needs an Industry Standard Verification System

As the world is increasingly looking towards solutions for renewable energy certification, there is a growing need for an industry verification system for hydrogen production.

A producer cannot prove the emission output of their production methods. Establishing the emissions released and the hydrogen’s origin is vital in preventing inaccurate or fraudulent reporting. HydroLink's certification of origin is unchangeable once published, ensuring compliance and producer accountability and will be invaluable in increasingly climate-conscious markets.

The World Needs an Industry Standard Verification System

There are many advantages to utilising the HydroLink platform for producers and consumers alike, providing solutions for key impediments to the growth of the green hydrogen economy and granting users;


Automation using smart contracts improves business processes' efficiency and speed, removing the need for costly and time-consuming manual inputs, as well intermediaries required to settle transactions - lawyers & brokers


Secure data sharing between consumers and government will increase trust through creating an immutable audit trail for regulatory compliance


Producers, distributors and even end users can provide their brand’s sustainability claims, such as environmental impact or ethical sourcing, with a secure, verifiable, unalterable record of any hydrogen asset’s lifetime


Search, store and view asset information on demand – organisations can choose to make this data available for clients and end-consumers


Take confidence in the immutability our network ledger offers - through employing distributed blockchain technology to render data tampering virtually impossible

Decentralised Carbon Trading
An Open Marketplace, Unlocked.
Decentralised Carbon Trading

The current process for trading carbon credits or offsets involves a physical contract, which is often negotiated by lawyers with specialist expertise. The involvement of intermediaries compounds the difficulties and costs involved in trading carbon credits and offsets.

HydroLink brings a simple, easy-to-use user interface, while taking advantage of blockchain and distributed ledger technology to promote trust, security and completely eliminating the potential for fraud or the double counting of assets.

Supply Chain Optimisation
Gain Efficiencies and Insight with HydroLink

Traditional supply chain management systems are burdened by execution errors, missing shipments, duplicate payments and errors in inventory data that cannot be detected in real time. When a problem is discovered, it can be expensive, time consuming and difficult to pinpoint the source, via auditing the sequence of activities recorded on traditional ledgers and documents.

HydroLink takes advantage of artificial intelligence and smart contracts within our supply chain management operating system. Our state of the art technologies automatically pinpoint and notify affected parties when issues arise. Additionally, the automation of transactions can greatly speed up business processes and reduce costly negotiations.

- Removal of intermediaries
- Improved product tracking
- Improved data and analytics

Gain Efficiencies and Insight with HydroLink
Your Questions Answered
What differentiates Hydrolink from other established blockchain supply chains?

At this stage, HydroLink will work with market-tested IoT device providers to maximise the efficiency of our rollout.

Many supply chain solutions can be successfully deployed across multiple industries with only small adjustments in protocol design. However, due to varying production methods, distribution networks, and energy uses, the green hydrogen value chain is unparalleled in complexity. Consequently, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ supply chain solution is ineffective; an industry-specific architecture is required.

What does the term ‘trustless’ mean?

Blockchain is referred to as a ‘trustless’ network. This is not because members don’t trust each other, but because they don’t have to. This trust is created by blockchain’s improved security, enhanced transparency, and end-to-end traceability. Trust lies within the unchangeable and auditable smart contract code, which is most commonly visible to anyone.

What is green hydrogen and how is it different to other forms of hydrogen?

Green hydrogen refers to hydrogen generated solely by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. Alternatively, ‘grey hydrogen’ is produced from fossil fuels or natural gas. ‘Blue hydrogen’ can be produced using the same sources as grey hydrogen, however it employs carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies to minimise some of the environmental damage.

What is IoT and how is it being utilised with blockchain for Hydrogen production?

The technology in IoT devices translates data from physical non-internet devices for use in software applications. For HydroLink, IoT device data will be used to generate reports and provide relevant information to our clients.

The benefits for using IoT devices during production processes within any industry, is the elimination of manual data input, removing the possibility for manipulated or inaccurate data readings.

Why do we need to certify hydrogen?

When a distributor or end user purchases hydrogen, what they receive is simply hydrogen; there is no way to reliably determine the origin, or the exact emissions, that were used during production.

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