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$HLNK is HydroLink’s fungible ERC20 utility token for the HydroLink ecosystem. The HLNK token derives value from the economic benefits available to users of the HydroLink decentralized application (DApp).

HLNK's role within the HydroLink ecosystem results in a strong tie between the demand for the token and the demand to access services hosted on the utility layer of the technology stack - measured by the number of active/registered DIDs.

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HLNK exhibits 3 key features


0.4% of all transactions are burnt, reducing 
supply and increasing token scarcity


0.6% of all transactions are sent to the liquidity pool - fostering greater stability

Fixed Supply

Fixed supply of 100,000,000 tokens.

HLNK Token

Powering the HydroLink ecosystem

Contract address: 0x536a7BcdccFaff3a9A2Aa765369631Db2F247b09
Available on
HydroSwap Buy HLNK (HydroLink) token on Uniswap
HLNK Utility Generating Model

An application user makes payment in fiat currency. 

75% - Credited to an account controlled by HYDROLINK LEDGER PTY. This account is predominately used to finance operational expenses and project costs.

25% - converted to HLNK via the platform's fiat on-ramp, directly buying on market

HLNK transferred to a dedicated payment contract, which triggers a smart contract to mint service tokens which correspond to the fiat/HLINK payment.

The sole purpose of the service token is to represent the user’s permissions regarding utility layer services and network usage. (Service tokens are not
 tradeable, do not hold value, and are used for representation/tracking purposes only)

A company will be granted either, a specified network allowance, or alternatively, a specified period for which access is permissioned. As network usage is utilized (or time passes), access tokens are intermittently burned to reflect the user’s decreasing account balance

As Service tokens are burned, the payment contract triggers the release of HLINK tokens in equal proportion. The HLINK tokens are dispensed to validator nodes (20%) and the burn address (5%).

HLNK Utility Generating Model
HLNK Distribution

Want to help shape a green future?

0% TGE. 0% 0-12 months. 5% unlock each month after. Vesting: 36 Months
20,000,000 HLNK
Exchange Listings & Liquidity
65% TGE for DEX listing, 15% unlocked quarterly future CEX listings & cross-chain market making
50,000,000 HLNK
Strategic Partners & Advisors
0% TGE. Issuence to partners/advisors via vesting contracts 10% p/month
5,000,000 HLNK
7,000,000 HLNK
Staking & Rewards
0% TGE. Locked bi-annually, unlock as per staking release
10,000,000 HLNK
5,000,000 HLNK
Foundation Reserve
10% TGE. 10% unlocked each month after
3,000,000 HLNK