The HydroLink roadmap is a summary of our technical, integrational and marketing progress, delivered sequentially but developed with research, prototyping, and implementation often in progress simultaneously across different development streams.

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What’s behind us?
What’s behind us?

Ideation & establish core team
Smart contract development & testing
Fair-launch to Binance Smart Chain
Website launch
Publish litepaper
Setup community channels
CoinGecko & other website listings
Audit report - CertiK
Publish whitepaper V1
Website revamp + HydroLink rebranding
Expand engineering & business team
Publish whitepaper V2
Migration dApp development & testing
HLNK token – smart contract development & testing
HLNK migration; deployment, airdrop & LP creation

2022 Q3The Build Begins
2022 Q3The Build Begins

HLNK migration; deployment, airdrop & LP creation
Begin development stage 1 - HydroLink platform feature
HydroLink Platform - verification UI / UX development
Begin dApp smart contract development
Team reorganization

2022 Q4BETA Release
2022 Q4BETA Release

Networking events/conferences with industry
HydroLink Platform - Beta Release
IoT Integration & testing
Ledger hardware wallet integration
Smart contract development
Finalise platform architecture & processes for verification feature
Team token locking + vesting schedule on TrustSwap

2023 Q1Testing
2023 Q1Testing

Product testing of beta version with select corporate partner/s + client onboarding (MOU)
Fiat onramp integration
Content marketing deployment
Preliminary security testing - penetration testing, DDOS resilience, & general vulnerabilities
Strategic collaborations & partnerships
Community AMA / Interview with founders

2023 Q2Market Release
2023 Q2Market Release

Launch - HydroLink Platform
Client-centric marketing campaign
Client acquisition/onboarding
Token community awareness campaign
Begin HydroLedger Network blockchain development
Sign for the international information security standard - ISO27001 certification

2023 Q3Native Blockchain Launch
2023 Q3Native Blockchain Launch

Launch HydroLedger testnet + security audit
Migration to HydroLedger Network - stress test & security audit
HydroLedger - mainnet launch
Launch HydroLedger Blockchain Explorer
HLNK token rewards platform development + testing
Launch validator rewards program

2023 Q4Consolidation & Scaling
2023 Q4Consolidation & Scaling

Ethereum -> HydroLink Blockchain token bridge
Top tier centralized exchange listing
Strategic growth protocols – scaling of the solution