Migration Details - what you need to know

What is HLNK v2?

HLNK v2 is the second version of the HydroLink Token. The v1 token contract was a simple contract created to satisfy a set of initial needs for the HydroLink project. Now, we are beginning the development of our main product and consequently require the most up-to-date and secure solution, specifically tailored to our platform.

The v2 token contract will make interaction with our decentralised application/s (dApp) seamless. We can now deliver more value to the holder community, corporate partners, and corporate clients!

Migration Rules

  • Tokens purchased before 1 June at 00:00 UTC are eligible for the v2 airdrop
  • Wallets that sell v1 HLINK tokens (any amount) after 1 June at 00:00 UTC will be disqualified
  • Migration is mandatory and irreversible

Key Information

  • Migration App Link: https://www.hydrolink.app/migration
  • HLNK Contract Address of v2 token: 0x536a7BcdccFaff3a9A2Aa765369631Db2F247b09
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (Eth)
  • Contract Code: https://etherscan.io/token/0x536a7bcdccfaff3a9a2aa765369631db2f247b09#code
  • Migration Start: OPEN (June 1 2022)
  • Migration End: 1 July 2022, Time: 00:00 UTC
  • Swap Ratio: 1:1 (v1 HLINK = v2 HLNK)
  • HLNK v2 Price: 0.005c – Uniswap
  • New Symbol: HLNK (previously HLINK)

Important Note

If a sufficient proportion of supply has been migrated - enough to drain the v1 LP – then our team may choose to expedite the v2 launch. In such circumstances, migration will remain open for the same time period - until the end date. Management will notify the community before any such considerations/actions occur.

(i) Eligible HLINK v1 token holders - without exception - reserve their right to migrate to v2 tokens at any time before 1 July 2022.


Migration Process – A step-by-step instructional guide

  1. Open Migration App

Navigate to https://www.hydrolink.app/migration, accessible for the specified period. A brief overview of the process is presented. Begin the process by clicking "Migrate", – prompting MetaMask to request a connection 

PHOTO 1step1 

Click "Migrate" to start

  1. Allow Permission


Click "Confirm" to continue

  1. Confirm Transfer


Click "Confirm" to complete

  1. Transaction Complete




Congratulations, you have successfully registered for HLNK v2 token migration!

Now, all you must do is wait for the v2 airdrop! 



What are some key features/changes?

  • Ethereum Chain (Eth) - improved credibility,
  • Greater transactional use of Eth
  • dApp Integration – assisting dApp development,
  • Bridging compatibility improved - market reach of Eth
  • Many more...

Why an Airdop?

  • We are launching on a different blockchain: BSC -> ETH. Our development team has prioritised future dApp development projects. The additional time to add a cross-chain bridge and ‘swap’ function seemed inefficient for a temporary (and single-use) application.
  • LP of v1 is locked indefinitely. Thus, to create the new LP/s, we must manually drain the current pool

What does the migration app do with my tokens?

Tokens will be transferred to our migration wallet, eventually being used to drain the v1 LP. Following the draining of the v1 LP, the team will then commence the airdrop of the v2 tokens.

Will team tokens & liquidity be locked?

Team Lock: Previously, v1 tokens couldn't be locked as this would have caused difficulties migrating. However, with v2 they can and will be locked! Upon completion of the HLNK v2 launch, the team wallets will be locked on TrustSwap using vesting contracts - details to be published on the website's token page.

LP locking: Liquidity locking: LP lock schedule: 80%: 6 months, 20% month on month (access, in part, is potentially required for liquidity provision on CEXs, liquidity transfers to create LP across multiple blockchains) and other practices defined on the roadmap.


As always, thank you for your continued support of HydroLink. Stay tuned for more major announcements for the community!